Why should you get a yearly eye exam?

      Most of us get our car serviced annually to make sure it runs smoothly. We also visit a dentist regularly to get our teeth cleaned. But how many of us get our eyes checked each year?

     Many people wait until they notice a change in their vision to see a doctor. But eye problems are often silent - meaning they have no symptoms, and this can be dangerous to the person who is waiting to see a change.

     Maybe you've heard of or received a vision screening.  It's not the same as a complete eye exam.  Screenings are a partial or limited eye evaluation that often takes place outside an eye doctor's office.  There's no question that they are helpful in detecting some eye problems that should be further examined.  However, vision screenings of reading the eye chart alone can miss up to 70% of vision problems.  Because the visual system is responsible for 80% of what we learn from our environment, a yearly eye exam is a must. 

     During your exam, beyond determining if vision correction is needed, Dr. Roy will look for eye muscle imbalance, vision disorders, focusing deficiencies , and eye diseases.  

     In addition to detecting vision changes, regular eye exams can also detect sight threatening visual conditions related to diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and stroke.  Don't wait--schedule your eye exam today!